February 11, 2019

What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day: Have you ever wondered What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day or what is the history of Valentine's Day ( Valentine's Day history ), we all know that we have a different motive to obey every festival? That is, every festival started after a history and after just such a story, Valentines started. So let's know again Valentine's Day is celebrated for what.

History of Valentine’s Day

What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day
What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the month of love that does not say this, it is celebrated every year on February 14, every year for the people who love it, with heart gladly, valentine day, whole weeks.

The valentine day was named after a person and it was also from the beginning, this story was a very old man, whose name was Valentine. This story is related to the encounter between a bad king and an indulgent Saint Valentine. This day begins in Rome from the third century where there was a very bad and tyrannical king. Whose name was Claudius.

The King of Rome said that a soldier is more effective for any war than a married soldier and can become a better soldier. This was the reason why he thought that the married soldier just wondered what would happen to his family and the children after his death and that war could also be lost in this concern. Thinking about all these things, the king announced that no soldier would marry in his kingdom. If a soldier married, then he will be given a severe punishment.

All the soldiers became unhappy after the King's decision, although they all considered this thing well, the king's decision that is taken is wrong and he should not accompany them, but all the people from the King and that punishment Taxes could not resist this and became silent for fear. But the valentine of Rome showed resistance to this and secretly married her on the occasion of the help of a fellow soldier, which she loved so much. After this, all the soldiers of the state came to visit Valentine and found their marriage wishes and valentine burglars hid they're shady. Seeing this, Valentin married many of his fellow soldiers.

This truth of Valentines has not been hidden from the king for a long time, and the King sent Valentin to the death sentence and sentenced him to jail.

Valentine was waiting for his sentence inside the prison to keep the dates, and the day came to jail jailor, which was named asterius. The people of Rome believed that Valentin had such a magical power that he could liberate anyone from any kind of disease and was not visible to the jailer's daughter, it was blind. That is why he went to Valentine asking for help for his daughter. The jailer began pleading with Valentin to fix his daughter's eyes. Valentin was a noble heart person and the way he helped the soldiers with him, he gave the light of the daughter of Valentin's jailer, in the same way, he corrected the jailer's daughter by using her powers.

From that day onwards, there was a great friendship between Valentin and the daughter of the jailer, they began writing letters to each other and when their friendship turned into love, they did not know, Valentin loved him, and also on Valentine. But the date of death of Valentine started coming closer, and Valentines became unhappy about the fact that soon she would be away from her girlfriend and also be afraid to fear the daughter of the jailer. Mr. | After all, the day has come, February 14 ... the day on which we believe in love and happiness, Valentine was punished on the same day. Before dying, Valentin wrote a letter to Valentin on February 14 and delivered him to the jailer's hand, in which he wrote all the words of his heart. And with him he said goodbye. At the end of the page was written: "Your Valentines" and this is the word that people still remember and believe in this day with happiness.

Since that day, people began to believe in Valentine's Day. On this day all the beloved lovers give chocolates and gifts as gifts to their loved ones and show their love. Valentine's Day is not just a lover or a girlfriend. We can have friends with the family and with every person we love, whom we respect.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day
What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day
Everyone has a different way of celebrating Valentines. On this day, the beloved lover deserves to celebrate with great beauty. In such a way, today I will give you some small tips that will help you make your Valentine happy and beautiful.

  • Spend a little time alone with your valentine, let's go out with them anywhere.
  • You can also plan for dinner outside.
  • Take a good romantic movie with you, or take a stroll around her favorite place.
  • If you have time, you can take your partner on the long drive too. This is also a good way to please your partner.
  • Give them a special gift, which either they like them or they can easily make them happy.
  • You like to cook food for them, especially these ladies.
  • Along with this Valentine's Day is not incomplete in rose, then you can give them a rose.
  • He wrote a small letter of love later...
  • Girls dress for them, girls like such things.
  • Show your love in front of them | Even if you speak them every day, the thing is different on that day.

In Conclusion:

So this is the truth of the history associated with Valentine and the reason for celebrating Valentines because of how to celebrate it with the little tips related to it ... I hope that you would have liked this post of today, how would you feel about this article today? Of course, share this post with Like, & Share and also subscribe to us as well. Thank you.

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