February 11, 2019

How To Identify Original Memory Cards

How To Identify Original Memory Cards: Today we are going to tell you How to identify the original memory card. If you are also thinking of buying a new SD card to increase the storage of your mobile, then you should know about identifying the Fake memory card. In view of this, almost all mobile users take the help of SD card to increase storage, because the phone's storage is full due to the application and data in the phone. In such a situation, an SD card is required to store more data. However, now mobile companies are launching a lot of storage smartphones, which do not require a micro SD card but most people still have low-storage phones today.

Fake Memory Card

How To Identify Original Memory Cards
How To Identify Original Memory Cards

Now you may want to know what happens if you use a fake memory card in the mobile, then tell you that there is a danger of data deletion in fake SD card, besides this, the card gets worse quickly. By using fake cards in mobile, there is less power to process the mobile and you do not get enough storage in these cards.

Smartphone users buy original branded SD cards such as Toshiba, SanDisk, and Samsung etc. to increase storage, but they do not know that these brand names are being used to sell fake memory cards in the market. The shopkeepers give these cards to be real and they do not even know where they are fake.

How To Identify Original Memory Cards

Well, there are many ways of identifying the original card, but here we are going to tell you the easiest ways to differentiate or differentiate you from real fake. So let's know which methods are there.

1. Look at the card packing

Let us tell you that more than 70 percent of the memory card in the market is packed without packing. In this case, you must look at its packing. Real memory cards always come in good packing. Most shopkeepers sell fake cards as real If you want to avoid fraud, you should never buy the card without packing.

2. View the brand name

The name of the brand written on the original memory card such as Toshiba, SanDisk, and Samsung etc. is absolutely clear, whereas the name of the brand in the fake memory card is spread and it is a bit crappy. In such a way, you can guess the real imitation of the card by looking at the print of the brand name.

3. Storage Capacity

The duplicate memory card available in the market is low in storage capacity, which means if the card has 16 GB storage, then its storage capacity will be around 12 GB. In this case, you must check the capacitance by inserting it into your mobile before purchasing the card.

4. Data transfer speed

The data transfer speed of the fake memory card is quite slow, while the speed in the real card is quite good. If you are buying a new card, then check the speed of that card at a time.

How To Identify Original Memory Card In Online Website

Today, most people like to buy goods from online websites instead of a shop, because people think that all the things in the online website are original but this is not the online site, they also get fakes.

If you want to buy a memory card from an online site, you first have to check the rating and review of that card. If there is a rating of more than 4 on a card and there are quite good reviews, then there is more chance for that thing to be true. In this way, you can get an idea of something original and fake with rating and review in the online platform.

In Conclusion:

So now you have come to know How to identify the Original Memory Card. Here are four ways to tell you. With these methods, you can easily find the difference between real and fake cards. If you want to buy a new card, follow the methods described above.

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