March 13, 2019

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7 Ways to Identify Real Pure Honey

Today we are going to tell you about this How to Identify Real Pure Honey. Whenever we go to buy honey in the market, it is claimed by the shopkeeper to have real honey, but can not deny that people make adulteration in honey in the affair to earn profits. So if you are going to buy Honey then you should know the difference between real and fake honey. If you know the identity of real honey then you can buy pure honey for yourself and you can avoid buying adulterated honey.

Identify Real Honey

7 Ways to Identify Real Pure Honey
7 Ways to Identify Real Pure Honey
Honey is a food that is used for food, because honey gives great benefit to saheed, due to which many people use honey for their daily food. If honey is adulterated, it does damage the reverse instead of benefiting the health, so whenever you buy Honey or bring it home, you must check the difference between being real or fake. So let's know what the real honey is.

How to Identify Real Pure Honey

1. Get help with glass

For this, you have to take a glass plate in it to drop a few drops of honey. If you prepare the shape of the serpent's horoscope on the spraying of honey, it will be pure. But if honey spreads immediately, it will be fake.

2. Combine with water

You can also identify real and fake honey with the help of water, for that you have to take clean water in a glass of glass. It has to be diluted honey in the form of thin wire if honey is pure, it will sit on the surface of a glass-like thin wire, while the unclean honey dissolves in water.

3. Take the help of cotton

Soak the honey soaked in cotton, and then light the lamp if the honey is fake, it will not burn, if the water also goes, it will burn with the chit.

4. Check with the white cloth

For this, you have to drop a few drops of honey on a clean white cloth. After a while, wash this cloth with water. If the honey is pure then the clothes will not be stained, but if the honey is unclean then the fabric will be stained.

5. Identify the real honey from the weather

Let us tell you that the real honey gets frozen in the winter, ie cold weather, but melts in the summer season, but if your honey stays the same in every season, then you have to understand that honey has been adulterated.

6 Take the help of wood

In this, you have to take a piece of wood and you have to drop a few drops of honey in this piece of wood. After this, take a burning swab of the match is near the honey, if it starts burning then it will be pure, whereas not fake or chit Will burns by voice.

7. The fly can tell the real fake honey

The fly stays in almost all the houses, in such a way, the identity of the real fake honey can be detected by the fly, in the pure honey the fly does not get trapped, but it flattens, while flies in the adulterated honey remains trapped.

In Conclusion:

How to Identify Real Pure Honey, now you've probably figured out. Honey is sweet and it also helps in protecting you from many diseases. In this way, you must include Honey in your diet. Although honey is mixed with honey, it is not easy to eat the real honey, but here we have told you 7 ways, from which you can know the difference in real fake honey.

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February 21, 2019

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Top 10 Highest Followers on Twitter

Do you know if you do not know who has the most followers on Twitter in the world then today we are going to tell you about this topic? Twitter has become a platform that uses almost all the great celebrities. It gives freedom from every small man to a big man in front of the world. Apart from this, it is a very easy way to engage with your fence for a big celebrity, through which celebrity can share the information about the new project coming in. Talking about India, a lot of Twitter users in India use. In this social media site, from Bollywood to politics, you will get an account of every major politician.

Top 10 Highest Followers on Twitter

Top 10 Highest Followers on Twitter
Top 10 Highest Followers on Twitter
This Twitter site has been a decade in the world for quite a long time, let us tell you that Twitter is a social network site in America which was launched in 2006. Initially, this site did not get much success, but as soon as the internet spread in the world, Twitter became popular too. Today, this site has become so popular that every small big man is using it.

This site was discovered by American Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Ivan Williams. At present, Twitter CEO is Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey, who is also the founder of this site. Although it is a social network site, it is quite different from other social sites. If you use this site you will know this well.

Highest Followers on Twitter

If you are using this site for the first time, then you may have some difficulty in using it because it is completely different from other social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. In this site you can not write your talk in more than 280 characters, this feature makes it different from other social sites.

Here we are telling you the top 10 list of the most followed people on Twitter in the World, however, this list does not include any Indian name but if the person who is most followed in India, the first name Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi comes to There are more than 45 million followers on Twitter.

Who has the most followers on Twitter

If it is talked about by its users, it is the number of users in billions, so many people would want to know that after all who have the most followers on Twitter in the world, the first name in this list comes from Katy Perry, which is the American singer And is the lyricists. Talking about the current time, there is more than 107 million Follower on Twitter in the world. Below you can see the list of top 10.
Top 10 Highest Followers on Twitter

  • 1. Katie Perry 107 million followers This is an American musician.
  • 2. Justin Biber 105 million followers This is a Canadian musician.
  • 3. Barack Obama 104 million followers This is America's former president.
  • 4. Rihanna 89 million followers This is a musician from Barbados.
  • 5. Taylor Swift 83 million followers This is a US musician.
  • 6. Lady Gaga 77 million followers is also a US musician and actress.
  • 7. Ellen DeGeneres 77 million followers are America's comedians.
  • 8. Cristiano Ronaldo 76 million followers This is the Portuguese football player.
  • 9. YouTube 71 million followers This is an online video platform.
  • 10. Justin Timberlake 65 million followers are America's musicians and actors.

In Conclusion:

So you have now come to know that in the World, Twitter has the top 10 list, which is the highest number of followers. This will also give your general knowledge too big. This platform is the most followed celebrity Katie Perry in the world, having 107 million followers. Whereas the current prime minister in India is the most followed by Narendra Modi Ji. Twitter has more than 45 million people wanting it. Modi Ji is ranked 22nd in the list of the whole world. After this, Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan is ranked number 34 in the list which has 37 million followers on Twitter.

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February 19, 2019

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Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Do you know if you do not know who is the most subscriber on YouTube, today we are going to tell you about its top 10 list 2019, which will also tell you about the world's most subscribed channel? Earlier, let us tell you that YouTube has become a platform in which millions of videos are uploaded every day and the biggest thing is that any video can be uploaded in it, all you need is a Gmail ID. This is the reason that millions of people are joining YouTube every day while talking about its users, it has around 1.5 billion users, making it the world's largest online video platform.

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

This site was created by Javed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley and it was launched on February 14, 2005. These three friends used to work together in PayPal first. Even though YouTube is now known as the online video platform, this site was created to date online.

For your information, let us know that YouTube is a Google product that Google bought in 2006 for $ 1 billion. At that time it was one of the biggest online deals in the world. Now many people are watching YouTube as a career because uploading videos in it also provide money. This site does not require any degree. To upload a video you must have a Gmail ID that is easily made.

Top Subscribed YouTube Channels

There are millions of such creators in YouTube that are earning millions of crores of rupees every month, and this site is also emerging as an online business. Although this site was not successful at the beginning, since this site was purchased by Google and added to its system, its Subscriber has increased. At this time in this site, you will find videos on every topic. Now, this site has become a popular site and all of its credit goes to the three friends who make it and the Google team.

Currently, there is a competition to move on to two channels to remain the most subscribed channel on YouTube. The first name is Pewdiepie which has been ruling YouTube for many years while the second channel comes from India, which is named T- The series is. 80 million subscribers of these two channels have been completed. Even though Pewdiepie is in the first place but the speed at which the T-series is moving, T-Series will become the number one channel in the coming time. You can see the top 10 list of the Most Subscribed YouTube channel below.

List of Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

  • 1. Pyudipo 80 million subscribers and this is a gamer and comedy channel.
  • 2. T-Series 80 million subscribers are uploaded in Hindi Punjabi Music.
  • 3. 5 minutes Craft 46 million subscribers This is a channel based on How to category.
  • 4. Canal Kondjilla 45 million subscribers are also uploaded to music videos.
  • 5. Justin Beber 42 million subscribers This is an entertainment channel.
  • 6. Set India 39 million subscribers, Hindi shows are uploaded on this channel.
  • 7. WWE 38 million subscribers upload videos of WWE to this channel.
  • 8. Dude Perfect 38 million subscribers entertain through this channel stunt, sport, comedy.
  • 9. Ed Sheeran 36 million subscribers This is a music channel.
  • 10. Aminem music 35 million subscribers This is also a music channel.

In Conclusion:

So you've now come to know that the list of Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels is listed above, which is the highest Subscriber on YouTube. This will increase your general knowledge. Talk to the Indian channel, because of the arrival of them, there has been a lot of progress. This list includes India's two channels T-Series and SET India. Set India, like T-series, is also growing rapidly. At present T-Series and Pyudipa compete with each other. Now see which channel goes ahead. As the number of subscribers of almost all Youtube channels is increasing, we will also update this list from time to time.

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February 13, 2019

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India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019 Earlier, almost all the cities of India used to be quite dirty, but since PM Modi has launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, some cities have come out since there is considerable care of cleanliness. Although there are still many cities that do not have cleanliness, the names of many cities are being included in the clean survey every year. If compared to earlier, awareness of the people has spread through the cleaning campaign of PM Modi and now people feel reluctant to throw garbage in many cities. Today, many cities in India have come out in front of which a lot of cleanliness is really taken care of.

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019
India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

In the cleanliness of the cities, the municipality of the city is a major contributor as the employees of the municipality prevent people from spreading garbage and clean the city from time to time. If a city's municipality is quite aware of cleanliness, then he takes great care of cleanliness in his city. Our country sees foreigners as a dirty country but nowadays the very right Swachh Bharat campaign has been started and people are taking part in it. Although India will take time to clean up, if awareness about the same hygiene is spread in the country, then the day is not far when India will also be called a clean country.

List of India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

1. Indore

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

The first place in the list is Madhya Pradesh's economic capital, Indore, which is the first place in the last two years. With a population of about 20 lakhs, this city is situated 550 meters above sea level. Tell you that Indore is also called Mini Mumbai because this city's growth rate is quite good and here most people of rich and middle class live.

2. Bhopal

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

In the second place, Madhya Pradesh's second city is Bhopal, which is the official capital of Madhya Pradesh. The population of this city is also about 20 lakhs equivalent to Indore, it is situated at 527 meters above sea level. In the case of cleanliness, the municipality and the people here are quite aware of this, because of this it is a very clean city.

3. Visakhapatnam

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

In third place, the coastal city of Andhra Pradesh comes to Visakhapatnam. Nearly 18 lakh people live in Visakhapatnam, located 45 meters above sea level. Due to being settled on the seashore, the city's climate remains very pleasant most of the time. The temperature of this city is always balanced. If you talk about cleanliness then people here take great care of this.

4. Appearance

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

Surat city is one of the main and largest industrial cities of Gujarat. It comes in fourth place in the list of India's most clean cities. Surat is also situated on the seaside like Visakhapatnam and its height is about 13 meters above sea level. Although there is a lot of pollution from the factories due to being an industrial city, the people here take special care of cleanliness.

5. Mysore

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

Mysore has been placed at the fifth position in this list. It is one of the major cities of Karnataka, whose height is 763 meters above sea level. The population of this city is close to 9.21 lakh. Sometimes this city used to be the cleanest city of India but now it has moved to fifth place in this list.

6. Tiruchirappalli

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

This is the first city in Tamil Nadu which falls on the sixth place in this list. The city's population of 88 meters above sea level is 9.27 lakh. Tell you that this city is also known as Tiruchey. Apart from this, it is one of the major cities of Tamil Nadu.

7. New Delhi

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

If the entire city is talked then Delhi still comes to the dirty cities, but there is an area which is quite clear that this area is known as NDMC ie New Delhi Municipal Council. It is one of the cleanest areas of Delhi. The municipality here takes great care of cleanliness.

8. Navi Mumbai

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

Navi Mumbai comes in first place in the cleanest cities of Maharashtra, while it comes to the eighth position in this list. The city situated on the seashore is 14 meters above sea level and at the same time, about 11 lakh people live in Navi Mumbai. Comparatively, cleanliness can be seen in Navi Mumbai compared to Old Mumbai.

9. Tirupati

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

In the case of cleanliness, it is the second city of Andhra Pradesh which comes to the new place in this list. The population of the city, 980 meters above sea level, is 3.47 lakh. This city is known for its large and old Hindu temples. This is the 9th largest city of Andhra Pradesh.

10. Vadodara

India's 10 Most Clean Cities in 2019

This is the second most clean city in Gujarat after Surat. The city's population of 129 meters above sea level is close to 20 lakh. This city is also known as Baroda. Here the municipality and the people here take special care of cleanliness.

In Conclusion:

In the clearing of a city, there is a lot of public and municipal contribution, if the people of the city are very conscious about cleanliness, then they keep their city clean. Even now most of India's cities are dirty so that the cities of dirty cities should think about these top 10 cities if these cities can be clean then almost all the cities of India can be clean.

Many people wanted to know about India's 10 most clean cities, so we have written to this post. Clearly, these cities can learn a lot from other cities and can keep their city clean. Since PM Modi has launched a clean-up campaign, there has been a lot of change in the cleanliness of the cities. If people become aware of this kind of cleanliness, then once a whole India will be cleaned.

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February 11, 2019

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How To Identify Original Memory Cards

How To Identify Original Memory Cards: Today we are going to tell you How to identify the original memory card. If you are also thinking of buying a new SD card to increase the storage of your mobile, then you should know about identifying the Fake memory card. In view of this, almost all mobile users take the help of SD card to increase storage, because the phone's storage is full due to the application and data in the phone. In such a situation, an SD card is required to store more data. However, now mobile companies are launching a lot of storage smartphones, which do not require a micro SD card but most people still have low-storage phones today.

Fake Memory Card

How To Identify Original Memory Cards
How To Identify Original Memory Cards

Now you may want to know what happens if you use a fake memory card in the mobile, then tell you that there is a danger of data deletion in fake SD card, besides this, the card gets worse quickly. By using fake cards in mobile, there is less power to process the mobile and you do not get enough storage in these cards.

Smartphone users buy original branded SD cards such as Toshiba, SanDisk, and Samsung etc. to increase storage, but they do not know that these brand names are being used to sell fake memory cards in the market. The shopkeepers give these cards to be real and they do not even know where they are fake.

How To Identify Original Memory Cards

Well, there are many ways of identifying the original card, but here we are going to tell you the easiest ways to differentiate or differentiate you from real fake. So let's know which methods are there.

1. Look at the card packing

Let us tell you that more than 70 percent of the memory card in the market is packed without packing. In this case, you must look at its packing. Real memory cards always come in good packing. Most shopkeepers sell fake cards as real If you want to avoid fraud, you should never buy the card without packing.

2. View the brand name

The name of the brand written on the original memory card such as Toshiba, SanDisk, and Samsung etc. is absolutely clear, whereas the name of the brand in the fake memory card is spread and it is a bit crappy. In such a way, you can guess the real imitation of the card by looking at the print of the brand name.

3. Storage Capacity

The duplicate memory card available in the market is low in storage capacity, which means if the card has 16 GB storage, then its storage capacity will be around 12 GB. In this case, you must check the capacitance by inserting it into your mobile before purchasing the card.

4. Data transfer speed

The data transfer speed of the fake memory card is quite slow, while the speed in the real card is quite good. If you are buying a new card, then check the speed of that card at a time.

How To Identify Original Memory Card In Online Website

Today, most people like to buy goods from online websites instead of a shop, because people think that all the things in the online website are original but this is not the online site, they also get fakes.

If you want to buy a memory card from an online site, you first have to check the rating and review of that card. If there is a rating of more than 4 on a card and there are quite good reviews, then there is more chance for that thing to be true. In this way, you can get an idea of something original and fake with rating and review in the online platform.

In Conclusion:

So now you have come to know How to identify the Original Memory Card. Here are four ways to tell you. With these methods, you can easily find the difference between real and fake cards. If you want to buy a new card, follow the methods described above.

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What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day: Have you ever wondered What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day or what is the history of Valentine's Day ( Valentine's Day history ), we all know that we have a different motive to obey every festival? That is, every festival started after a history and after just such a story, Valentines started. So let's know again Valentine's Day is celebrated for what.

History of Valentine’s Day

What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day
What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the month of love that does not say this, it is celebrated every year on February 14, every year for the people who love it, with heart gladly, valentine day, whole weeks.

The valentine day was named after a person and it was also from the beginning, this story was a very old man, whose name was Valentine. This story is related to the encounter between a bad king and an indulgent Saint Valentine. This day begins in Rome from the third century where there was a very bad and tyrannical king. Whose name was Claudius.

The King of Rome said that a soldier is more effective for any war than a married soldier and can become a better soldier. This was the reason why he thought that the married soldier just wondered what would happen to his family and the children after his death and that war could also be lost in this concern. Thinking about all these things, the king announced that no soldier would marry in his kingdom. If a soldier married, then he will be given a severe punishment.

All the soldiers became unhappy after the King's decision, although they all considered this thing well, the king's decision that is taken is wrong and he should not accompany them, but all the people from the King and that punishment Taxes could not resist this and became silent for fear. But the valentine of Rome showed resistance to this and secretly married her on the occasion of the help of a fellow soldier, which she loved so much. After this, all the soldiers of the state came to visit Valentine and found their marriage wishes and valentine burglars hid they're shady. Seeing this, Valentin married many of his fellow soldiers.

This truth of Valentines has not been hidden from the king for a long time, and the King sent Valentin to the death sentence and sentenced him to jail.

Valentine was waiting for his sentence inside the prison to keep the dates, and the day came to jail jailor, which was named asterius. The people of Rome believed that Valentin had such a magical power that he could liberate anyone from any kind of disease and was not visible to the jailer's daughter, it was blind. That is why he went to Valentine asking for help for his daughter. The jailer began pleading with Valentin to fix his daughter's eyes. Valentin was a noble heart person and the way he helped the soldiers with him, he gave the light of the daughter of Valentin's jailer, in the same way, he corrected the jailer's daughter by using her powers.

From that day onwards, there was a great friendship between Valentin and the daughter of the jailer, they began writing letters to each other and when their friendship turned into love, they did not know, Valentin loved him, and also on Valentine. But the date of death of Valentine started coming closer, and Valentines became unhappy about the fact that soon she would be away from her girlfriend and also be afraid to fear the daughter of the jailer. Mr. | After all, the day has come, February 14 ... the day on which we believe in love and happiness, Valentine was punished on the same day. Before dying, Valentin wrote a letter to Valentin on February 14 and delivered him to the jailer's hand, in which he wrote all the words of his heart. And with him he said goodbye. At the end of the page was written: "Your Valentines" and this is the word that people still remember and believe in this day with happiness.

Since that day, people began to believe in Valentine's Day. On this day all the beloved lovers give chocolates and gifts as gifts to their loved ones and show their love. Valentine's Day is not just a lover or a girlfriend. We can have friends with the family and with every person we love, whom we respect.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day
What is the History of Valentine's Day and How to Celebrate Valentine's Day
Everyone has a different way of celebrating Valentines. On this day, the beloved lover deserves to celebrate with great beauty. In such a way, today I will give you some small tips that will help you make your Valentine happy and beautiful.

  • Spend a little time alone with your valentine, let's go out with them anywhere.
  • You can also plan for dinner outside.
  • Take a good romantic movie with you, or take a stroll around her favorite place.
  • If you have time, you can take your partner on the long drive too. This is also a good way to please your partner.
  • Give them a special gift, which either they like them or they can easily make them happy.
  • You like to cook food for them, especially these ladies.
  • Along with this Valentine's Day is not incomplete in rose, then you can give them a rose.
  • He wrote a small letter of love later...
  • Girls dress for them, girls like such things.
  • Show your love in front of them | Even if you speak them every day, the thing is different on that day.

In Conclusion:

So this is the truth of the history associated with Valentine and the reason for celebrating Valentines because of how to celebrate it with the little tips related to it ... I hope that you would have liked this post of today, how would you feel about this article today? Of course, share this post with Like, & Share and also subscribe to us as well. Thank you.

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